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QLEWN's Objectives

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The Queensland Lived Experience Workforce Network (Inc.)

became an Incorporated Association in February

2022 and our work is governed by a constitution. 

Our objectives are to support the Lived Experience

workforce by:

1.   Providing sector leadership​​

  • Consult with / represent voices of our workforce.

  • Champion and support our workforce.

  • Promote networking opportunities.

  • Disseminating relevant information.

2.   Providing opportunities for skills development of the Lived Experience workforce

  • Promoting and providing training and professional development opportunities.

  • Promoting and facilitating supervision and mentoring opportunities.

3.   Providing systems advocacy

  • Lead processes for enabling a collective voice for the Lived Experience workforce.

  • Advocate to decision makers to advance Lived Experience workforce agendas.

  • Influence and undertake research and policy development.

  • Supporting and promoting implementation of the Queensland Framework for the Development of the Lived Experience Workforce, released by the Queensland Mental Health Commission in 2019.

Our Leadership

Management Committee Members

Chairperson - Amanda Habermann

Treasurer - Cherie McGregor

Co-Secretary - Nicki Walsh

Co-Secretary - Danielle Delorme

Member - Sarah Reed

Member - Eschleigh Balzamo

If you would like to know more about our management committee members click here.


QLEWN was started at a grassroots level by a group of passionate Lived Experience professionals who had experience working as, and with, other LE workers in a State, National, and International context.  A unanimous agreement was held that the workforce lacked representation, had significant unmet needs and problematic issues in training and development.  QLEWN was established as a starting point to address these issues.


In 2017 the Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMHC) contracted Dr Louise Byrne to undertake research into the LE workforce.  Dr Byrne’s final report outlined a range of key recommendations.  QLEWN initially came together to review and prioritise the recommendations, and to provide a feedback report to QMHC.  Further into 2018, QLEWN gathered information (via survey) to gather some further profile information and workforce needs.  Follow up discussions and negotiations with the QMHC around these workforce needs resulted in the commissioning of the Queensland Framework for the Lived Experience Workforce (QMHC, 2019).


From these beginnings, QLEWN operated as an unincorporated community group from 2017 to 2021.  The group was led by a volunteer Leadership Roundtable who met regularly to discuss and progress the QLEWN agenda.   This roundtable has comprised between 10 – 15 people from across Queensland, who have worked diligently in a leadership capacity.

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