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Become a member of QLEWN

QLEWN offers Individual and Organisational Memberships.  


At this time, we have no funding beyond membership fees and this means our capacity to offer services to our members is limited.  Right now, we are focused on building up our membership so that we can demonstrate that the Lived Experience Workforce wants and needs a peak body of its own.

QLEWN members must support the objects and values and vision of QLEWN which can be found in the QLEWN Constitution.

Please note: Because we handle all our own IT, we are using HumanTix to process memberships.  This might be a bit of an unusual process but it is quick and straight-forward.  Even though tickets will have an earlier end date, it is for the entire 2023-2024 financial year and runs to 30 June 2024.

QLEWN Individual Memberships 


Full Membership - $25 for the 2023-2024 financial year 

Full Membership is for people currently working in an identified Lived Experience role (waged or volunteer) in Queensland at the time of joining as a member.  Full Members are the only members entitled to vote or nominate and/or be nominated for QLEWN Management Committee positions. 

Associate Membership - $25 for the 2023-2024 financial year 

Associate members are individuals who support QLEWN and are connected with us but are not currently working in an identified Lived Experience role. 





QLEWN Organisational Memberships

Our 2023-2024 Financial Year fees for organisations are $100 for small organisations (those with an annual turnover of $250,000 or less) and $250 for larger organisations (with annual turnover above $250,000).  Joining QLEWN as an organisation is a great way to support the ongoing development of the Lived Experience Workforce and to show Lived Experience workers that your organisation is committed to this workforce.

If you would like to join as an organisational member, you can use the link below or you can send us an email at and we can organise an invoice.


Please note that in line with our constitution, QLEWN's Membership Subcommittee must review all membership applications and may endorse a membership, request additional information, or reject an application within 30 days of application.  In the very unlikely event that an application is rejected, QLEWN will arrange to make a refund of fees paid. 

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