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Our Management Committee Members

Chairperson:  Amanda Habermann [she]


Amanda is an experienced independent Lived Experience Educator and consultant who has worked for the last twenty years from a consumer perspective in the mental health sector. She is highly skilled in Non-profit Organisations, Lived Experience Supervision, Peer Mentoring, Lived Experience Education, Training and Group Facilitation.  Amanda provides realistic and real-world experience in the International Hearing Voices Network to groups and individuals who want to understand the Hearing Voices Approach, and is the Chairperson of ISPS (International Society of Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis)  Australia.  Amanda has been an active leader in the development of the Lived Experience Workforce both in Queensland, Western Australia and nationally. Amanda enjoys music and currently resides with her husband, cat, three goldfish and seven chooks on Gidhabal people's land in the Southern Downes.  

Treasurer: Cherie McGregor [she]


Cherie has worked across regional Queensland in identified mental health Lived Experience roles in peer operated services, mainstream community services, mental health treatment services and academia. She is currently undertaking a PhD with the Australian National University examining how values drive and distinguish mental health peer support practice approaches in Queensland. Cherie currently lives and works on Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli country (near Kingaroy). 

Co-Secretary: Danielle Delorme [she]

Dani is a Lived Experience Specialist passionate about education, professional development and supervision of the Lived Experience Workforce and the professionalisation of peer work as a discipline.  She has extensive experience providing direct peer support to youth and young adults in a variety of community and public health settings, including inpatient, supported residential and remote outreach.  Dani is also a mother, an artist and amateur family historian.  She lived on Yuggera and Turrbal country in Meanjin, Brisbane and originally hails from Treaty 8 Territory in Alberta, Canada.  Dani has hit the ground running with both governance and project support.

Co-Secretary:  Nicki Walsh [she] 


Nicki works with the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (QCPIMH) to engage families in meaningful participation at all levels, and to ensure that the perinatal and infant mental health service system hears and responds to the voices of consumers and carers.  Nicki has had 17 years of experience in human resource management roles, leading HR, WHS, L&D and compliance divisions in the private sector. As a long-term consumer/carer and advocate of quality perinatal, youth, and adult mental health services, she uses her own lived experience to connect with consumers to really understand their needs, journey, experience and outcomes, and to help shape future programs, policy and practice. Nicki lives on Turrbal country with her family, two dogs and a cat. 

Member: Sarah Reed [she] 


Member: Eschleigh Balzamo [they] 


Management Committee Vacancies

We currently have a casual vacancy on our Management Committee and we are accepting Expressions of Interest. We would love to hear from you if you're keen so please have a look at our Expression of Interest form.

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